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Maids are full or part time cleaning professionals who are responsible for cleaning and maintaining an area in a workplace, or a private home. Private, in home maids work under the supervision of a household manager. There is no formal education for this job position, but some experience may be required, depending on the employer.


Dusting and Polishing

Maid service workers may be asked to dust shelves, windows, counter tops, and furniture as part of their duties. They may also be assigned the duty of polishing furniture after it's dusted.


Another duty of maid service workers is to sweep all floors with no rug. They also are responsible for mopping these floors after they are swept, and for waxing them on a regular basis. For flooring with carpeting, vacuuming is an important duty.

Ovens and Other Equipment

The cleanliness of everyday household equipment must always be maintained, and this is the duty of maid service cleaners. They clean ovens and stove tops regularly, as well as refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, toasters, and any other kitchen or household equipment present.

Bathrooms and Linens

Cleaning bathrooms is another responsibility of maid service cleaners. They are responsible for cleaning the toilets, bathroom sinks, showers, and bathtubs, as well as the floor in the bathroom. Sometimes, they may be asked to sort clothing and towels and do laundry, and re stock linens in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Other household duties for maid service workers may include washing dishes, or loading and unloading the dishwasher, if one is used. They also may empty garbage buckets and transport trash and waste to the proper disposal areas.Sometimes, grocery shopping and taking clothes to the dry cleaners are other duties, as well.

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Professional House Maid services in Mumbai

Housemaids provide dependable, exclusive house maid services in Mumbai. We are a housemaid agency in Mumbai which can provide unmatched maid services for homeowners.

A maid, cook, nurse, babysitter, governess, or driver is available on Housemaids, India's best-known platform for finding maids and other services. In a largely unorganized industry, many unprofessional agencies end up defrauding clients. We offer pre-recorded interviews in order to hire quality housemaids and prepare the house for a successful transition.

Considering we are the leading maid agency in Mumbai, we only hire professional maids after extensive background checks and we also check their criminal records. By delivering quality experience, working together, and valuing your time, we provide you with ample options as per your needs.

In India, it is an inherent fact that every household needs a house maid. Today, all of us have busy lives, so household chores such as cleaning, dusting, cooking, and cleaning, make for difficult tasks. Managing both your professional and household duties on a daily basis is a daunting prospect.

professional maid service in mumbai | Local Maid Service | Professional cleaning Service

professional maid service in mumbai | Local Maid Service | Professional cleaning Service

Let us make life easier for you

Housemaids make life easier for you. We provide our services primarily for the purpose of making your life easier, so that you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your core business. Home maid services in Mumbai could transform your life. People are finding it more challenging to cope with the stress of juggling work, family duties, and other household chores because of the busy lifestyle they lead. There is little time left for cleaning and maintaining the house. Taking some time out to do all the household chores and cleaning can be extremely difficult when you have a hectic schedule and timetable to follow.

Why not hire a professional housemaid agency in Mumbai that can alleviate your worries about the cleanliness of your house, and in turn, give you peace of mind? Having a reliable house assistant will allow you to free up time for other things that hold importance in your life, so you can spend more time on other things.

We are here to provide you with the best and most trusted maids in your area, no matter whether you've moved to a new house or you're unhappy with your old maid. You can also search Google by using keywords like housemaids services near me, maid services near me, housemaids in Mumbai or housemaids supplier in Mumbai. As, we are almost on the top of Google search. Whenever possible, we search your entire local area for a maid of your choice. Providing accurate matches between workers and clients is our specialization. offers you the convenience of hiring a housemaid to handle all of your household chores. Cleaning the house, dusting, washing the clothes, cooking, caring for the children, and other duties are all among her responsibilities - Why you should choose us

The sector of domestic services is an unorganized one since there are no guidelines to follow. Providing a bridge between our clients and full-time housemaids, our team is knowledgeable about your needs. Meet with our trained and experienced staff to share your requirements and hold personal or telephonic interviews. As one of the best providers of cook services, baby caretakers, nursing services, elder care services, and patient care services, we use quality and efficient service tools to provide professional cleaning at affordable prices.

Housemaids: How to Speak To Her

If you invite her for a physical interview, treat her with respect and dignity. If they join on the same day or next day, you should treat them well during the following weeks. We need to line up more candidates without delay. Have a backup candidate for phone interviews.

Best Domestic Housemaid Services in Mumbai

The services offered by revolve around the home maid task. House dwellers who are too busy juggling work and home will experience an ultimate sense of peace thanks to us. is dedicated to hiring talented domestic maids in Mumbai and providing them with the right tools to deliver absolute excellence. Our staff is constantly managed and motivated to ensure that superior customer experiences are delivered.

We have earned the respect of being a high-end, registered housemaid agency in Mumbai over the years of our relevant expertise in the field of housemaid services in Mumbai. Across Mumbai, we have provided maid and facility management services to hundreds of clients. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and qualified maids in Mumbai is dedicated to helping our clients meet their unique requirements while also meeting the rising demand for high-end maid services. Our household service solutions also feature innovative equipment and the industry's most skilled talent to complete your household work or tasks in a short time span with absolute efficiency and perfection.

Housekeeping services in Mumbai for full-time employees

Having a staff of skilled home maids in Mumbai, our maid agency in Mumbai offers a range of professional maid services. Our professional team offers various types of exclusive maid services, including: Cleaning, Kitchen Help, Clothes Washing, Iron Clothes, Vegetable Shopping, Floor Mopping, Dusting, Washroom Cleaning, Phone Answering, and more.

We offer reliable house maid services in Mumbai. If you are looking for trustworthy maids, you can contact us now on +91-9833580666 or just drop a mail at [email protected]