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Our maids and all servents are fully screened, bonded & Insured. Our staff undertakes extensive and effective high quality routine and side by side, hands on personal training and certified WHIMIS safety training. Professional Maid service-Home cleaning experts offer customized services to meet all your home cleaning needs. We provide all equipment and cleaning solutions & environmentally safe ECO natural essential products for your entire home. We use best products in the market are designed to first and foremost get your dirtiest cleaning jobs done while at the same time creating an ultra-fragrant, all natural cleaning experience. Our “Maids” use these products daily and we ensure their health and safety as to yours. We use HEPA filtered vacuums which pick up 99.9% of pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and purify the air while vacuuming all floors, carpets & upholstery.
When is it time to hire a Residential Maid & butler service to clean up? Do you find cleaning your home a challenge or you have not enough time? Do you find yourself looking for something every day and forgot where it is or where it might be? Did you know the average person living in a residential family home spend 20 minutes daily looking for stuff? Keep your cleaning to a minimal cleaning service or go to the Extreme Cleaning challenge. Keeping your home cleaned on a regular basis will give you time to concentrate on important things in your life. Cleaning your home leads to a healthy, breathable and fresh environment. Every room will be a clean a sanitized living space. Do you have pets? If you have allergies you might want to hire extra help with only vacuuming & Dusting. No problem, we can arrange to clean on any day to make your special requests and needs. We will move you out and in to include you’re packing & stacking and unpacking, set up and sorting everything. Even seasonal decorating for special occasions for a Birthday or Holiday decorating your home. Our services offer an over the phone free consultation and will guarantee results.

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At Housemaids.in, we are a young and dynamic team whose goal is to disrupt the Housekeeping service industry by solving people's problems while staying at home and away from home.

Probably our greatest asset and most important differentiator is our exceptional Team Members. Yet, at the same time, we remain grounded and approachable while being ambitious and eager for success.

Nevertheless, the focus must remain on the work. In Mumbai, we continuously strive to ensure that our people provide the best maid service for our clients. It's not a problem for us to tell the unpleasant truth even if it's unpleasant. At the same time, we remain grounded and approachable while being ambitious and eager for success.

Essentially, we are not only the type of team members you would love to work with, but we also are the sort of colleagues you might like to hang out with outside of work. So feel free to visit us and experience the dynamism of the office, as we encourage you to do so whenever possible. As a result of these excellences in our work, we are one of the best housemaid services in Navi Mumbai.


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Professional and Local Maid Service in Mumbai

We are one of the best housemaid agencies in Mumbai, we are extremely professional people as we offer Professional Maid Service in Mumbai after extensive background research. We send you an ample amount of options as per your requirements by delivering quality experience, working together and valuing your time.

While all of us are leading busy lives in the modern era, doing all household chores like cleaning, dusting, cooking, cleaning, and more become a challenging task. It is an overwhelming thought to manage both professional life as well as household chores on a daily basis. When you are stuck in such a condition, it is high time that you can look forward to hire local maid service in Mumbai.

Being a registered maid agency in Mumbai, we are committed to delivering the professional cleaning services through the presence of skilled home maids.