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Parents who employ a babysitter expect that the individual will have the knowledge, experience and abilities to perform the basic tasks that will allow the parents to confidently leave their child in the babysitter's care.



Parents expect that their babysitter will, above all, keep their child safe. You must never leave a child unattended near a stairway, in a high chair, near a doorway, near a hot oven or lit stove or in a pool or bathtub. You must have familiarity with first-aid techniques and, if possible, complete a first-aid course.

Emergency Preparations

Make your own list of emergency phone numbers that you carry with you at all times. Ask each family to provide you with personal numbers, including cell phone numbers, neighbor's numbers and numbers of family members whom you can call in case of an emergency. Maintain your own list with contact numbers for the local police, fire, ambulance service and poison control.


Spend quality time with the children whom you babysit and facilitate activities which develop the childrens' physical skills and provide exercise and fresh air for the children. Babysitters should prepare to take the children outside on walks or to parks to give them an opportunity to play and interact with other youngsters.

Build Trust

Create a bond with the children when you babysit. Create or participate in activities that are age-appropriate for the children and which the children enjoy. Play games, chat, read books aloud and engage the children in enjoyable interactions.

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