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Domestic cooks must enjoy cooking and know the basics of cooking and preparing meals. They should be well trained. All, however, must be well-versed in basic cooking techniques and be able to prepare meals that meet their clients' needs. In addition, they must also know fundamental kitchen hygiene and be able to maintain a well-ordered and clean facility. Some domestic cooks may be required to supervise a staff of assistants. Management skills are essential in these situations.

In general, domestic cooks are expected to: prepare meals according to their client's requirements; maintain a neat, organized and well-stocked kitchen and pantry; shop and prepare menus; organize dinner parties and other events; and supervise other kitchen staff, if necessary.

As a cook, your main job function is to prepare daily meals for all the residents in the living facility. You may also be asked to prepare special meals for facility events and parties.

Among the most challenging aspects of being a cook in an assisted living facility is preparing meals for a large number of people who have different dietary requirements. You'll need to follow the recommendations of the residents' nutritionists and doctors as you prepare meals.

As a cook, you may be involved with menu planning and preparation for special events, in addition to handling your other daily chores. This means that you'll have to be very organized to make sure that everything runs smoothly and on schedule. This is where your organizational and record keeping skills come in handy.

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